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Can Women Preach by Dr Pat Holliday

February 24, 2012

Can Women Preach Pat Holliday, Ph.D. Do you believe that Jesus discriminated against women? Did God discriminate against women when He created them? Did He create her inferior to men? What does the Bible teach? Did He make man superior to women? Is her past genetic history nonredeemable? Pat Holliday’s book “Can Women Preach?” shows […]

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Warfare Strategies Manual by Dr Pat Holliday

February 22, 2012

Warfare Strategies Manual Pat Holliday, Ph.D. All authority is vested in Jesus Christ, yet He has given His authority to us to overcome all the power of the enemy. Christians today must return to the basics of their faith. Preachers should teach them the foundations of the Scriptures. Spiritual knowledge is power! Knowing your spiritual […]

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