Can Women Preach by Dr Pat Holliday

by Pastor Pat Holliday

Can Women Preach

Pat Holliday, Ph.D.

Do you believe that Jesus discriminated against women? Did God discriminate against women when He created them? Did He create her inferior to men? What does the Bible teach? Did He make man superior to women? Is her past genetic history nonredeemable? Pat Holliday’s book “Can Women Preach?” shows that Jesus establishes His favor for woman’s status in the Gospel account through His actions toward them and demonstrates the fact that they do not live under “the curse.” Do you believe there are no exceptions in Christ’s redemptive work, and redemption is never qualified sexually, racially, or economically? Do you believe that the Great Commission of Christ applies to women believers the same as it does to men believers?

Do you believe that women should not exercise the Great Commission unless her husband tells her she can do so? Do you believe that these signs shall follow women who believe, the same as men who believe? Do you believe that women believers are authorized to heal the sick, to cast out devils, to cleanse the lepers, to raise the dead, to preach the gospel, the same as men? Do you believe the anointing and the power of the Holy Spirit has the same purpose in a woman’s life as in a man’s? Do you believe that every blessing provided by the sacrifice of Christ is for every woman for whom He died?

In examining attitudes and teachings toward women, Jesus is shown breaking down the cultural barriers of first-century Palestine. When he spoke to the woman by the well, he was breaking the traditions of men toward women. Can, what the Bible calls “salvation” be as a real and practical experience for a woman the same as it is for a man? Is she able to be redeemed from her past the same as a man? Do you truly believe that the original sin of a woman is still held against her after she commits her life to Jesus, while the original sin of a man is forgiven? Can you believe that women are truly equal in Jesus Christ and that according to the Word, women are more than just an appendage to the men of the church?

“It was for freedom that Christ set us free . . . do not be subject again to a yoke of slavery.” (Gal. 5:1).

I am persuaded that new life, joy, blessing will be experienced by the Church when every follower of Jesus can enter the liberty to understand whom he or she is in Christ. It is inspiring to deliver the liberation of spirit freeing sisters in Christ to realize their equality in ministry and also, to liberate the bands of brothers in Christ with the knowledge to enable them to free their sisters in Christ.

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1 Harry Cummings April 15, 2012 at 2:46 pm

Nothing of what you mentioned is discussed by Paul to Timothy in 1st. Timothy chapter two, verses 11 thru. 15. Women are saved by the redeeming blood of Christ just as men are, so why are you confusing what is being taught. Paul simply teaches that women cannot be church leaders, leaders of a congregation. He further explain this as being God’s divine plan of creation, he says so in verses 13 and 14 of 1st. Timothy, and if that is not enough, in the next chapter Paul gives the definition of a church leader, which are masculine characters given such as, ” A bishop must be the husband of one wife.” Now unless your homosexual, this verse applies only to men.

2 Pastor Pat Holliday July 4, 2012 at 4:44 pm

I am so sorry that you are confused. Paul did not discriminate against women as you do. Since many people came out of paganism, and many Christians were following pagan lifestyles, Paul was telling the church that a Bishop should marry only one wife. He was also answering questions concerning the “Oral Law” that was practiced by the Pharisees and Saducees… See my book, “Can Women Preach” under E-Books.
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Blessings to you,
Pastor Pat Holliday

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