February 2011

Times and Seasons-Gulf Oil Spill

February 27, 2011

We live in times and seasons that are perilous and we must pray. Prayer is needed for our family, church and nation. To be an effective prayer warrior, we must realize that our prayers are important to God and that He is able to answer them as a God of action. Revelation 5:8:And when he […]

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A Church Married to the World

February 24, 2011

Sermon by Pastor Pat- “A Church Married to the World”

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Now Is The Time to Seek Jesus

February 23, 2011

Seek the Lord! There is not much time left! Jesus said: 18The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor; he hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives, and recovering of sight to the blind, to set at […]

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Our Faith Relationship with Jesus

February 20, 2011

Jesus wants a people that will know who He is by the Spirit and by the Word of God. As we serve Jesus Christ, the light of the Lord will reflect from us to our family and to a lost and dying world. John 8:12:Then spake Jesus again unto them, saying, I am the light […]

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Jesus Christ is The Power of the Universe

February 13, 2011

Christians and the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ have power and authority that has not even been tapped into. We must dwell in the Word in order to have the understanding of the type of overcoming Christians that the Lord Jesus desires us to be. Jesus’ name is above every name. Philippians 2:9-11: Wherefore […]

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Spiritual Development of the Mind

February 5, 2011

Jesus should be number one and the center of your life in order to be a successful Christian. The Christian is repsonsible for the spiritual development of their own minds and will give an account for themselves at the judgement seat of Jesus Christ. Revelation 3:14-20: 14And unto the angel of the church of the […]

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